Robert Popovic

I launched Magebase in April, 2010 as its editor and contributor.

I have worked exclusively in the field of web and software development throughout my career. I focus entirely on working with cutting edge open source web technologies and commit a good deal of my spare time to research and development in my areas of interest.

My main areas of interest are Magento and WordPress development. I started following the development of Magento when it was in beta and adopted it as my company's main eCommerce platform shortly after the stable version was released. I have worked with Magento until 2017.


Likes: modern technologies, Internet, film, art, electronic music, tranquility, photography, space, culture, spiders, science stuff

Articles by Robert Popovic (43)

Adding Openexchangerates Currency Conversion Service to Magento

Adding Openexchangerates Currency Conversion Service to Magento

If your Magento store depends on up to date currency information, you would have noticed that the built in Webservicex service hasn't been working for some time now. There are a few 'hacks' around that use Yahoo and Google Finance services but these may violate their T&Cs so we offer... Continue »